Real World Cast Reveal Fav DC Hangouts

While the rest of the world will probably be watching The Real World DC to see who sleeps with who and where, I have a hunch that most D.C. urbanites will be watching the show to see where the cast and crew hung out.

I don't know about you, but it's kind of cool when you're watching a movie that takes place in D.C. (like Burn After Reading or Body of Lies) and Brad Pitt does a fight scene on Constitution Ave. or Russell Crowe races down K Street and you're like, "Hey! I know that place!"

This is why I'll watch RWDC... and when my co-host Vanessa and I recently met up with castmate Josh Colon our ears perked up when he dished that viewers will see a lot Dupont Circle and U Street in the show.

"To party, I think I liked Rhino Bar the best," said Josh during our recent interview at Tattoo bar on the night of the show's premiere.

Here is his TOP 3 list of favorite D.C. hangouts:

  1. Capitol Skyline Hotel (and that infamous pool party hosted by fellow reality star Spike Mendohlsen from Top Chef) - Nats Park
  2. Rhino Bar - Georgetown
  3. Good Stuff Eatery - Capitol Hill


P.S. - Watch our interview with Josh here!

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