Hello Sunny Days

These days Markette and I have been feeling like Annie--belting out "The sun will come out tomorrow, betcha' bottom dollar that tomorrow-- there'll be sun." (and maybe we are a little off key but who cares!) And YES now that Snowmagedden 2010 is finally behind us and sunny days are projected in this weekend’s forecast, it is only right that we all take advantage of soaking up a little sunlight. There is plenty to do in DC but this weekend is completely dedicated to the outdoors and it is the perfect kick-off to a great spring time adventure.

Map out your spring adventure in these places:

1) The National Harbor, Oxon Hill, MD - It has been one of the most delightful treats to the DC area community. Whether you are in the mood for a casual stroll, succulent suppers or a shopping spree, the National Harbor has it all.

2) Georgetown, Washington, DC-This place never sleeps, in fact, it has a non- stop energy of people hustling and bustling up the streets to shop, eat and play. You can be casual by day and by night it transforms into a playground of evening fun.

3) Old Town Alexandria, Virginia- It’s quaint, it’s small and it has a wealth of American history which makes it a perfect pick for an outdoor exploration. In addition to unique boutiques and restaurants, Alexandria is a great place to experience outdoors.

P.S. All of these places are located by the water. There is nothing more enchanting then winding down your sunny days to a lovely sunset (sigh).

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