Jimmy "Jumbo" Johnson, The Intimidator, and Angelina


So I had a little case of insomnia last night , I knew that espresso I drank at 11:30 p.m. was going to cost me. And yes, yes it did. I paid the price by watching one of Jimmy Johnson's infomercials for the male enhancement pill Extenze.

I hail from Texas and as a "Texan" we are bred at a very young age to believe that "Everything is bigger and better in Texas." But seriously Jimmy you are taking this to a whole new level. I know you are not a three- time Superbowl championship coach anymore, and well the economy is currently not at its best, but how strapped for cash are you?

I hate the very last part on the vid where he says, "So if you want the maximum performance edge every day, I say go long with ExtenZe {throws ball} I do." Then tilts his head to the side and gives you the weirdest creepiest look... ahh Jimbo what will you do next. Actually Jimmy if you're reading this, DON'T ANSWER.


The Intimidator 305 Thunders Into Virginia April 2010!

Track Length:5,100 feet
Maximum Height:305 feet
Lift Hill Angle:45 degrees
Length of First Drop:300 feet
Angle of First Drop:85 degrees
Fastest Speed:Excess of 90 MPH
Ride Time:3 minutes
Airtime Humps:6 including S-curve transitions
High Speed Turns:3 at ground level
Investment:$25 million

The TALLEST and FASTEST gravity driven roller coaster on the East Coast screams along 5,100 feet of steel track at 92 MPH! At a whopping 305 feet tall, Intimidator will be the BIGGEST and BADDEST steel roller coaster in the Mid-Atlantic and on the East Coast! Markette and I will be filmed on the roller coaster April 4th, so come join us =) I hope we make it out alive. How do I get myself into these things?!!!


It's time for our Celebrity Doppelganger here on our weekly blog segment. This isn't Facebook it's a blog --so we can have it every week =) Oh and I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I actually wikipedia'd (it's not misspelled, it's a verb) the word Doppelganger (I know you Germans would be pissed) but sorry had no clue what the exact definition was. Click HERE to find out. If not take a peek at our look-alike of the week. I interviewed this gorgeous gal at Fashion for Hope (she is a model I know what a shocker) and the resemblence is doppelganger for sure. Can I say that?

Which one is Tiffany?
(Angelina Jolie) (Tiffany Claus)

This is Tiffany Claus who lives right here in the District. Tiffany's modeling and look- alike career began when Tyra Banks talent scouts found her images on myspace. The were so impressed with her natural resemblance that they asked her to fly out to L.A. to appear on her show. From there she decided to pursue her career as a professional look- alike and has been the most sought after Jolie impersonator worldwide.For the look-alike segment I usually use a sight called MY HERITAGE that runs face recognition technology and shows several celebs that you resemble. But I thought CLEARLY there was no reason to use the site for this week's pick.

These are both pics of Tiffany Claus



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