Nats Park Food Fest!

Meet Nationals Park Executive Chef Terry Louzon...

Ball park food is not just peanuts and Cracker Jacks anymore... right Vanessa?

And hot dogs have gotten a lot fancier since we were all kids.

For example, the Philly Dog at the Taste of the Majors food stand at Nats Parks comes complete with melted cheese, red & green bell peppers and big kick in the taste buds.

Ooh! The hometown favorite: The Nats Dog is a spicy take on the half smoke with onions and mustard.

The Mets dog came with sauerkraut, chili, mustard... it's like a party in your mouth!

Hot dogs and hot guys! Now that's what I call a HOME RUN!!!

Back to the food: Chef Terry with the 2 pound pretzel and 3 dipping sauces! Ridiculous!

Markette! Now that's what I call finger lickin' good!

On the lighter side, Nationals Park has parfaits for the health conscious...

And veggie wraps, too!

Racing prez "Tom" Jefferson steals a smooch from Vanessa.

Don't get it twisted: This pretzel connoisseur is a retired Master Sergeant of the U.S. Army who says D.C. sports fans are a tougher crowd than the U.S. Military!

Check back soon for the full on-camera interview with Chef Terry about what's new in food at Nats Park! Find it only on DC 50, home of the CW!


Markette & Vanessa

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