Newsbabes, Buddah Bar, Celebrity Doppelganger

Join Markette and I tonight at The Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, as we talk to all the "Newsbabes" including our fave babe Angie Goff, to show support for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure. This event helps to bring awareness in friends, colleagues, viewers, and family about the importance of early detection. Last year's bash raised over $4,000 for breast cancer research and awareness initiatives. Don't miss out. Let's do everything we can to fight this battle! Thanks to all of our favorite news babes for making this event possible, raising the funds, and spreading the word, oh and updating us on the traffic, weather, and news!

Last year's babes at the first annual bash


The trendy Asian-inspired, Paris based international restaurant/nightlife sensation is slated to open the second week of May in the Convention Center/Capitol Hill corridor (455 Mass Ave.) If its anything like the one if Paris (which I went last year and loved every second of it) then Washington, D.C. is in for a real treat! The culmination of the scene, the food, and the music will make it one of the most popular hot spots to hit up. For M and I it only means one thing--eating!! Can't wait to give you the review and try out all the food and check out the scene. Stay tuned.

This week our celeb look alike is Sara "Heff" Sepphard from Reston, Virginia. Sara the Persian beauty, came in at 90% with her #1 celeb-- Ameesha Patel ( I had to look up who that was) She is an actress who stars in Bollywood films. Other celebs Paz, Vega (loved her in Spanglish) and Alyssa Milano. Who knew? So what do you think? How did the race recognition technology do?

Signing off the blogosphere--Vanessa xoxoxo

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