Judge Joe Brown's wife is a hottie... and other revelations from the U.S. Dream Academy's annual gala

A revelation swept across the room during the recent gala for the U.S. Dream Academy: Judge Joe Brown's wife is a hottie! (She's the one standing second from the left.)

While we were all there to support the U.S. Dream Academy's noble mission of operating after-school programs for at-risk youth, the room was a buzz at how the 63-year-old judge (who was also an honoree at the event), landed this bombshell of a beauty.

I knew something had to be up when he refused to walk the red carpet without his wife (who I
presume was powdering her nose while he waited to be photographed). I naturally thought to myself, "How sweet, he must really love his wife," as I imagined a Diahann Carroll-esque woman to emerge from the ladies room.

But no! It was va-va-va-voom! A cross between an Alicia Keys look-alike and a Lauren London impersonator walked out and grabbed Judge Joe Brown's arm.

The noise level in the room dropped. There were a few murmurs... and then... one girl said aloud what everybody was thinking: "Wow! Judge Joe Brown's wife is a hottie!"

Lol! For at least one full minute, they totally drew attention away from the other honorees,
who included legendary (retired) CBS anchorman Dan Rather, actress Angela Bassett and the Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas).

I'm not mad you Judge Joe Brown, I'm just saying....

Anywho, here are a few more photos (and revelations) from the event:

Judge Joe Brown eventually let go of his H-O-T wife to snap a pic with fellow honoree, Angela Bassett.


Dan Rather is one cool dude. He was so friendly and took time to talk to everyone!

In this group shot of all the honorees, Dan Rather is remarkably comfortable when surrounded by a whole bunch of Black folk. Go 'head Dan!


ABC 7's Cynne Simpson, co-host of the event, is as graceful in person as she is on air.

Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2010... representin' for all the outstanding teens.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, representatives of the gala sponsor, Amway Global.

On our way out of the gala, we ran into fellow CW/DC 50 talent Lavar Arrington.
(Vanessa was gracious enough to snap the photo!)

Well, as they say in TV land... that's all folks! Until next time...



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